What is ASNEF? Detailed guide

What is an Asnef loan?

This is, basically, the solution to your problems. The ASNEF file stores the bank information of all people who are insolvent in the country, and are responsible for becoming a direct reference for banks and any other company that has valid reasons to check your solvency before providing a service. The ASNEF includes companies, since nobody is saved from this problem, which was initially created as a useful tool but now it is basically used as blackmail between individuals and companies.

asnef equifax The ASNEF or Equifax can be a serious problem, and its acronyms are broken down into: National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. This database is what prevents you from receiving a loan directly from a bank, and it can become a long-term problem. For these cases the loans with ASNEF were created, which is no more than the loan without taking into consideration that the potential client is on the list. Taking into account that the duration within the defaulters (once the payment is made) is up to six continuous years, an alternative solution to the banking entities is needed. For these cases, private companies have developed online loans , but we will talk about this later.

How to know if I am in the ASNEF?

Honestly, and since this is not a very difficult situation to achieve, it is quite likely that you are already on the list. It does not take much, it could be a telephone bill, or perhaps a service that you canceled but that was not processed in the system fast enough and the last invoice was issued without your consent, and this invoice of which you have no knowledge is the that has taken you to the ranks of the ASNEF. ASNEF which is something much worse than simply being insolvent. This has become a measure of pressure from the agencies that provide services, since it is preferable to make a claim on a wrong invoice after paying it, to avoid incurring default (even if the error is not yours).

If you are already in there is not much to do, since for any medium-large loan (mortgages, for example) one of the essential requirements is not to be reflected in the ASNEF. Not satisfied with this, you may find yourself limited even in the smallest benefits, such as credit cards, for example. If you ask yourself “How to know if I am in ASNEF?” We can help you. It is as easy as making the request for your data through ASNEF-Equifax, which is the company dedicated to keeping the records of the defaulters. The fastest and easiest way to receive your information is by sending an email to sac@equifax.com with a photo on both sides of your ID, to ensure that the request is personal. The client’s security is always respected, since this information does not have to be in the public domain, if a company wants to access the ASNEF database, it has to make a series of requirements.

How to get out of the list?

We would like to tell you that it is as easy as simply making the payment of the debt, but then this would not be such an efficient method of pressure. Leaving ASNEF is considerably more difficult than entering. You can not leave the list until you have made the full payment of the debt, whatever the amount, and once the payment is made you must wait for up to 6 years to be completely removed from the list. Six years is too large a number when the loan is needed today, not in six years. We believe that asking you how to leave the Asnef telephone is not the important question, but you should start looking for alternative options that do not involve registration for the final decision.

How to leave ASNEF has been the eternal question of people, especially those who have fallen on this list unfairly. No one should have the power to threaten to include you on this list, and taking into account the large number of people who take advantage of this disadvantage, the ASNEF list should admit appeals. A person who has all the evidence in his favor should have the possibility to defend himself, since a company can not simply judge him as a defaulter. In fact, finding out that you are on this list should not be an unpleasant surprise, since each agency is obliged to issue a notification in which your report number is included, so you can be aware of your situation , of the total amount you owe and the time the debt has.

We believe that this could be a problem of past times, if the ASNEF accepted that it should modify certain actions in its protocols. There would be no need to go through all these procedures if the ASNEF devoted enough time to each situation, especially when so many innocent people should be rejected because of errors of third parties. We understand that it is necessary to have a database that helps banks and other agencies and companies to choose the best customers, but we do not understand why most of these good clients should be rejected so harshly. If a person of thirty years who has never had problems of insolvency, appears in the ASNEF by an error of another person, the whole panorama should be taken into account. There should be a difference between a person who never pays on time, with someone who always kept his record clean and suddenly appears among the defaulters.

How can I communicate with ASNEF?

You will receive all the information by contacting them directly by phone ASNEF 91 781 44 00, or personally attending the Calle Velázquez office 64-66, 2º 28001, Madrid. The option of sending an email to asnef@asnef.com or directly through the web portal to make your ASNEF query is also available. These communication methods have received the biggest complaints over the years, especially for the injustices committed in some people. Imagine that you have applied for a bank loan, and have made your payments on time through the bank deposit or have simply activated the automatic discount option to your bank account, but the moment you approach to renew your loan, the same bank tells you that you are admitted to the ASNEF in arrears.

You ask first how to know if you are in the ASNEF, and then ask what has been the reason to be among the lists of defaulters. They do not give you a satisfactory answer, they do not know what happened. After a long search of the culprit they find out who should process your payments got sick that day, or your payment was misplaced, or simply did not bother to indicate that you were in default, not even to confirm that the information was true , and now you have a black cloud in your file. You understand that the error has been from the bank and you presume that, due to this circumstance, you will receive the approval of your credit in the same way. This does not happen, since they tell you that these are chain decisions, and that the superior who should see this loan will deny it without regard for this situation, even though the fault is not yours and you have no way to solve it.

How can I get a loan while I am on the ASNEF list?

Binixo is the fastest and safest solution to this problem, as it offers mini-credits with ASNEF. ASNEF queries will not take the trouble to know if you have received a notification or if you have been unjustly convicted, and we know that in these cases it is not worth fighting. This is why private companies have taken this situation as a personal responsibility, in order to offer a solution in times of crisis.

binixo mini credits with ASNEF

Maybe you can solve it for a while, but emergencies surprise us at all times, and it is always better to have a solution. Binixo offers almost instant loans with an astonishingly short amount of requirements, offering quick loans without papers , without a salary receipt and without taking into account the appearance of people’s ASNEF. It is obvious that if the debt is small and it happened some time ago, it is most likely that it was an error on the part of the other party. Understanding people helps us to offer real solutions and not simple palliatives. The best we can do in these cases is to have the options that life offers, and accept the help of those who want to help us. Binixo has a considerable trajectory inside and outside the country, and puts itself in the position of its clients as a way to offer more and better solutions.

If you want to know what are the terms and conditions that Binixo has for you, we invite you to enter our official page where you will receive everything you need to know about amounts, payment dates and interest rates, so you can receive full advice, without small letters or anything like that. It is time for the client to be granted the position he deserves, since it is useless to have a select number of clients if this will be affected by the decision of third parties. Similarly, there is no point in offering competitive loans that include large amounts, if only a few will be worthy of this benefit. The idea is to help as many as possible, it does not make sense to become another stone for a person who, if he is looking for a loan, is possibly facing more external problems.