Personal loans at Bigbank

Historical overview of the Bigbank

Since the year 1992, in Estonia, an idea was developed, a growth plan between individuals and entrepreneurs, understanding that loans are a necessity to offer growth possibilities to many more people. In Spain, since 2011 there is the possibility of applying for personal loans to Bigbank AS Consumer Finance SE, who have done all the legal procedures to be up to date on each required permit. To find the legal information you can be guided by the following information: they have registered office at Avda. Del General Perón 27, 3º, 28020 Madrid and CIF number W0531072G, entity registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid in Volume 28133, Folio 209, Section 8, Sheet M-506892 and in the Bank and Bank Registry of Banks of Spain with the number 1.539. As a demonstration of commitment, they are attached to the Spanish Association of Financial Entities ASNEF, which means that the commitments accepted with this company must be carried out in a responsible manner, to avoid future penalties.

All these details demonstrate a broad commitment by Bigbank loans, and as you receive more information about this company, you will understand that everything has been done to the letter, since what starts well ends well.

Advantages of the Bigbank

Within this company all are benefits, as it offers special deals for anyone interested in acquiring a quick loan, without the need to do the entire process of opening accounts. If you want to apply for a loan with us, but do not want to leave your bank of trust, we understand it perfectly and help you to make your process as easy as possible. You will have an amount that varies between € 1,000 to € 15,000, with a term of up to 6 years to pay. In addition, the fee is fixed fees, and depending on the risk you assume as a customer, you will receive a specific amount that you must pay monthly.

On the other hand, the Bigbank fast personal loan does not require many requirements, since it seeks to be at the hand of anyone who is in need of applying for a loan. There is the Bigbank phone service for free, so you can clarify all your concerns without having to spend on a call that benefits us all. When you apply for a Bigbank loan you only have to wait between 24 and 48 hours for the answer, which gives you a good margin of time to solve any other detail.

Types of loans in Bigbank

  • Loan Plan, which you can use in whatever you want. We can recommend that you use it for the home, as a remodeling, or for the purchase of a new or used vehicle. Also, if what you need is a bit of relaxation, tell us if the amount is for leisure and we will understand it perfectly. Loans for studies are also handled as a priority in this company, as are loans for health. Pay special attention to the use that you will give, because this will depend on the fixed interest rate that you will obtain.
  • Personal loan The personal loans online with ASNEF of Bigbank are waiting for you, with an almost immediate approval and the income of the amount requested in a period no longer than 48 hours. This is a good way to demonstrate commitment, with a maximum amount of € 4,000, these are our loans with ASNEF .
  • Green loan The world waits for your collaboration, and it is time for you to repay all the gifts you have received. This loan is specially designed for you to invest in an electric car, or in solar panels for your home. This is our grain of sand with the world. The Bigbank loan does collaborate with the environment. They are loans in 10 minutes , since almost all are approved. 

Requirements and necessary documents.

  • DNI in force or NIE with more than 5 years of residence (does not accept Eastern countries). Keep this in mind for when you make the request.
  • Last bank statements. This way we are guaranteeing that you have the ways to face the payment of the loan that you are requesting
  • Statement of income. In case of living in a rental.
  • Last payment of the mortgage. If you own a home with a mortgage, we want to know.

The personal loans online Bigbank seek to be as simple as possible, so you have no doubt about the benefits you will receive when doing business with us. We handle a broad trajectory and a large portfolio of clients, but we want to be available to solve the financial problems of responsible people, like you. In Bigbank loans opinions are standard, since our treatment is the same for all clients.