Vivus credits

Vivus is a microloan company dedicated to service, especially when other companies have turned their backs on the applicant. Vivus loans is responsible for offering answers in record time, thus seeking to become a solution for real emergencies, without much paperwork or future problems.

What is Vivus, where does it come from?

4Finance is the face behind this company, and arrived in Argentina in 2015. Since then it has been dedicated to the task of perfecting its work method, the requested requirements and other necessary details to build a good future. In addition, it is present in 19 countries, among them we have the United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, Romania and Bulgaria, if we leave aside the United States. There are few loans granted, and with a balance of more than nine million satisfied users, we can guarantee a quality service, speed and seriousness in terms of customer service in general.

What quantities are available? For how long?

There are countless problems that can be solved with an amount ranging from 1,000 Argentine pesos to 12,000 Argentine pesos, especially when it comes to emergencies. This type of loan should be requested as a reserve option, since you will only have a range of between seven and thirty continuous days to pay. With Vivus, fast loans are guaranteed, but a rapidity on the part of the user is also expected when paying.

Vivus Argentina works with complete transparency, considering itself as a solution in times of crisis, beyond planning. This loan is not designed to solve a problem in the medium term, but to achieve support at a critical moment. This is why you must take into account all the pros and cons when making the request, assuming the costs involved in the fees. There will always be a real number that you will receive at the time of contracting the service, but you must keep it in mind to make the payment.

What documents do I need to apply for a loan?

All you need is to have your current ID and at hand. Yes, we know that it may be surprising but this service is designed to be accessible to anyone. If you have a real emergency, the least you want to do is to look for a cumbersome documentation that nobody will surely read, for which loans offer quick and sincere solutions, without unnecessary obstacles or boring questions.

Another quite amazing thing about Vivus is that it offers loans without payroll, being that they perfectly understand that it is in those moments that money is really needed urgently . When you leave your job you lose the source of income that you had, but you do not lose the responsibilities or the expenses that you have to do to be able to sustain yourself, for which we can not leave you aside as well. We will be that support in times of adversity, especially when you believe that everything is more difficult than usual. When you return to your normal job you can reintegrate the money without major setbacks, but you will have left the problem.

How do I get a loan from Vivus?

This is the simplest part of the process. All you have to do is enter the Vivus website, make the request, fill in the fields indicated and process the application. The data that they will ask you is not nothing of the other world, since they are simple things like name, your document of identity and the account to which you wish that they deposit the money to you. You must also report the amount you wish to receive and the estimated date of payment. It is always good to have some days, but if you can pay before it will be better recorded in the company’s data.

Vivus allows you to pay in installments what may seem like a minor detail, but when you have applied for a large loan that covers several parts of your life, this becomes a lifesaver. As long as you are responsible with your fees and do not let yourself fall in the payments, you can continue enjoying the benefit. On the other hand, it is always good to do a self-examination before applying for the loan, to decide what is the amount you want to request and in how many installments you can pay for it- Sincerity is the basis of all good business, and as long as you are honest with your possibilities and needs, it is very likely that you receive even more benefits.

How can I register on the website? What data will you request?

It is a fairly simple platform, so you only have to access the form that you are shown when you indicate that you want to apply for a loan, fill in the information that we indicated before and wait for the approval of your quick loans. Vivus Credits will be pleased to meet the needs of a new client, and you will have the peace of mind that you have been able to solve your problems and concerns.

How can I pay a loan in Vivus?

In the loans are simple at all times, and not only at the time of making the request. Once the loan has been approved, you have solved all your inconveniences and emergencies, and you have obtained the money again, you will only have to follow the payment instructions that will be sent to you by email. You must take special care of this information as the extension of the payment date will not be made automatically, and failure to pay is a serious crime in this country. Keep in mind that this is a real commitment that should not be taken lightly.

The quick money is a lifesaver without a doubt, but it implies a greater commitment. If you want to receive fast money you should be willing to deliver the money in a similar amount of time, but as we have been saying, fees are also an option that you should study with confidence. For more information regarding the payment system, you can clarify all your doubts in the contact box of the page. There is nothing better than closing a business with all the doubts resolved, since you only have to enjoy the money received, or make a correct use of it.

Advantages of using Vivus

There are countless advantages you can receive when using the quick loan with vivus, but we believe that the most important thing is the convenience and transparency with which your application is handled. Nobody will lie to you with false collection percentages, nor will it show you interest rates higher than those you have signed. Everything is clear, precise and concise and will be carried out to the extent that you agree. Even if you have received the approval of your credit, you still have 8 continuous days to make it known in writing if you are no longer interested, without receiving any type of penalty. We do not see why you would want to miss this great opportunity, but you are free to absorb all this information.

In Vivus the client area is one of its biggest advantages as they are dedicated to solving problems, concerns and doubts. It seems a lie, but this small detail is everything between good service and poor or deficient service. We are sure that once you have entered the system you will understand what we are talking about. There is nothing better than a good worker who is dedicated to what he does and who is really looking to help you, and that is what you will get with Vivus.