Bank loans for students

Bank loans for students or short-term financing make it possible for students to pay for their studies if they can not afford it or have a very tight economy.

Where to ask for a bank loan if I am a student?

Before applying for a bank loan, in order to study , it is important to know what options are available, such as, for example, that the parents are the people who request that bank loan, in the case of being a young person.

Next, some banks that offer financing for university students .

  • OpenBank: they have a loan called, supercredit 4 . With which you can finance expenses, such as the stay in a student residence , the necessary material or the payment of the tuition of the university . You can request up to € 18,000 to pay in 5 years.
  • Banco Sabadell: depending on the expense you want to assume, there are different options to pay for studies. From the payment of tuition, to other expenses, related to the study. The interests are low and have good reviews, from the users who have already used them.
  • La Caixa: loans can be requested to pay the tuition. The interests are fixed. Apart from being able to request a bank loan to pay tuition, you can also apply for a master’s or postgraduate payment.

The banks that we have talked about, are just some examples, of the many solutions, which can be accessed. In the case of having a request rejected by one of these banks, it is important to keep trying, with several banks . If in all attempts, they have been rejected, because they can not meet the requirements that are requested, you can access other types of solutions, such as the ones below:

Loans with the car as collateral: can be one of the best solutions for people who are on the list of Asnef (List of defaulters). For the financiers who make this type of loans, they do not care that the applicant appears on that list.

Fast online credits: many of these financial, do not ask for requirements, but generally, they can only be used for small payments, such as tuition.

If they are large amounts, the most advisable is to go to the financing offered by banks. If, for example, a request is rejected because it is on the list of defaulters, try to fix the reason, for which it is and re-apply.