Lancelot & Guinevere with Certificate by Heredities

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8 ½” tall. Base 4 ½” x 3”

Limited Edition with Certificate

A strictly limited edition of 2000 serially
numbered pieces worldwide.

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Each bronzed sculpture is hand cast, finished & polished to exacting standards by Heredities.

Tudor Mint Lancelot & Guinevere
Dimensions: 3 ¾” tall
From the
‘Arthurian Legend Series’
released 2002
Pewter figures with usual
faceted crystal.

No longer has original box.

Spread Your Wings Fairy
From art by Jessica Galbreth

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Open Edition

Dimensions: 6" tall

 This tall, elegant hand painted resin figurin
is part of Jessica's popular new Enchanted series.
The details on this piece are simply amazing.

Comes boxed

Price £120

Price £16.95
Price £22

Dimensions: 7” tall with 3 ¾” base.

Tinkerbell has the words
 ‘Let Your Dreams Blossom’
on the base.

This famous fairy from Walt Disney’s Peter Pan
is reproduced in resin from an
original carving by Jim Shore.

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Snow Fairy

Snow Fairy

Dimensions: Height 6.5"

The Snow Fairy by Michael Talbot,
a long retired piece from Clarecraft
is hand painted in resin.

Her perforated metal wings are adjustable
and throw marvellous patterned
shadows on the wall.

She is  one of our favourites.

Suitable for Indoors Only

Price £26
  Price - £60.00

Fairy Hairy Bear & Tin


Dimensions: approx 4” tall.
Fairy tin (3’ x4 ¾” x 1 ½”)

For the collector, real mohair bear tagged with
 ’World of Miniature Bears’.

Fully jointed, including head,
and he must have eaten a lot as he is quite heavy!



White Fang Dragon

8 cm high



Price - £24.00